Thursday, December 24, 2009

amazing photo.

another one of my creations...ah, i love it.

::shakira, shakira::

"Writing in English was a major challenge. I didn't want other songwriters to write for me. I wanted to preserve the spririt of my songs in Spanish. I am the same Shakira in English as I am in Spanish." - Shakira

birds. of. a. feather.

this tattoo is by far my favorite ive found online. i look up tattoos almost daily, so i've seen hundreds, but somehow i always come across this one. it's very unique. i love it ;]
i finished my search for the cutest Christmas cupcake!
nothin' but cuteness. happy holidays!

sad. but. true. for. some.


R.I.P. Brittany Murphy

Today I'm lovin'.... girls. and how much we love Sonic. tee hee ;D


Quite a bit has happened since this summer. Actually, more has happened in the last month than I ever could have imagine. Long story short-- I fell in love. Ah. Let's have a silent moment for the death of my single life and a huge celebration for my new relationship! Wooooot! He has a name, and it's Joe. I met him on a Tuesday...and by the next Tuesday we were insperable, and began dating...and living together...and saying the "L" word...and our first date was at Ruby Tuesdays... is Tuesday a lucky day? I think SO!! I'm all over the place today, I know. Hey, cut me some's Christmas Eve and I'm working a twelve hour shift so I'm allowed to have an "off day"...right?? Oh, Merry Christmas Eve!! Feliz-Navidad!!


Wow! I cant believe I left blogging!! What was I thinking!! Well, I'm back. I'm splitting my blogs between CrazyLilCupcake and Love It Hate It Blog About It. I actually have a follower, which is way flattering.