Thursday, December 24, 2009


Quite a bit has happened since this summer. Actually, more has happened in the last month than I ever could have imagine. Long story short-- I fell in love. Ah. Let's have a silent moment for the death of my single life and a huge celebration for my new relationship! Wooooot! He has a name, and it's Joe. I met him on a Tuesday...and by the next Tuesday we were insperable, and began dating...and living together...and saying the "L" word...and our first date was at Ruby Tuesdays... is Tuesday a lucky day? I think SO!! I'm all over the place today, I know. Hey, cut me some's Christmas Eve and I'm working a twelve hour shift so I'm allowed to have an "off day"...right?? Oh, Merry Christmas Eve!! Feliz-Navidad!!

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