Thursday, December 24, 2009

amazing photo.

another one of my creations...ah, i love it.

::shakira, shakira::

"Writing in English was a major challenge. I didn't want other songwriters to write for me. I wanted to preserve the spririt of my songs in Spanish. I am the same Shakira in English as I am in Spanish." - Shakira

birds. of. a. feather.

this tattoo is by far my favorite ive found online. i look up tattoos almost daily, so i've seen hundreds, but somehow i always come across this one. it's very unique. i love it ;]
i finished my search for the cutest Christmas cupcake!
nothin' but cuteness. happy holidays!

sad. but. true. for. some.


R.I.P. Brittany Murphy

Today I'm lovin'.... girls. and how much we love Sonic. tee hee ;D


Quite a bit has happened since this summer. Actually, more has happened in the last month than I ever could have imagine. Long story short-- I fell in love. Ah. Let's have a silent moment for the death of my single life and a huge celebration for my new relationship! Wooooot! He has a name, and it's Joe. I met him on a Tuesday...and by the next Tuesday we were insperable, and began dating...and living together...and saying the "L" word...and our first date was at Ruby Tuesdays... is Tuesday a lucky day? I think SO!! I'm all over the place today, I know. Hey, cut me some's Christmas Eve and I'm working a twelve hour shift so I'm allowed to have an "off day"...right?? Oh, Merry Christmas Eve!! Feliz-Navidad!!


Wow! I cant believe I left blogging!! What was I thinking!! Well, I'm back. I'm splitting my blogs between CrazyLilCupcake and Love It Hate It Blog About It. I actually have a follower, which is way flattering.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I need a change.

My search is literally "What Should I Do With My Life" on google. This strikes me as a little funny, a little sad, and scary all at the same time. One of my best friends, Chris, told me this last night: "Theresa- you are 23 years old, beautiful, single, no kids or house payment--you have nothing holding you back! You're free and able to do anything and everything you wanna do with your life! It's in your hands! Do something!". As the words came out of his mouth, between tears I couldnt help but laugh at his "motivational speaker" tone. : ) Wow, I love him! But he is right-- I can do anything. I mean, I CAN, but will I? I was reading an article that stated that "our fears keep us from doing what we want to do when we need a change in our life". Normally, when I feel this way, I chop off my hair-- I know, it seems like a very juvenile thing to tell you, but when I need a change, it seems only natural to change something that not only will people notice right away, but it seems like literally "getting rid" of a part of me that is no longer a sense. I'm NOT doing that this time. I love my hair when it's growing out and I love the feeling of having long hair. So, what else is there to do? I can take a trip, sure. I can enroll in a Yoga class like I've wanted to do for awhile, but is that the change I need? I made the comment to a friend last night that maybe it's my love life that needs attention. Not sex- love. Just plain old fashion love. Of course, that would include Chris, which wouldnt happen too fast because he wants me to "heal" lol. And while this is a very smart way of going-about this situation, the whole time I'm still alone, lonely, lonesome, blah blah. Hmm...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

: ( ugh. rest in peace.

The King of Pop

los ninos de puerto rico.

I came across this photo
on google image(like always, lol) And look what I did
on! I really love this.

muah-ha-ha-- look what i found on a blog! cuteness! xoxo

hi bonnie.

dont know who bonnie is, lol, but she looked kinda cool

strange. but fascinating.

Good Morning. Alright,
I knew I was slacking
on my workouts [Eek, bad girl!],
but I always remind myself that the
weight didnt come overnight, and I didnt lose
it overnight, so a couple days
isnt going to ruin it for me.
So, that being said--I'm so sore today!
My lower abs are super sore and
I'm thinkin' yay! I dont know if
I should set a "time limit" goal, ya know, for example saying
I'll lose 25 pounds by my birthday, christmas,
blah blah. Ah, I dunno. Oh, and I only walked
for 20 minutes yesterday because of the ridiculous heat!! Ugh! The sun used to be my friend! lol. <3

my only thought about the "news" i was so graciously given last night... ugh.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

uh! beautiful!

the story of the older gentleman and the baby bird.

so, i'm a dispatcher and i just recieved the cutest call ever. an older gentleman called and stated he was concerned about a baby bird would had apparently fallen from its nest and was suffering. "i'm an animal lover and i just hate to see it suffer. i looked all over for its nest, but i cant find it."-- there are still wonderful people in this world! god bless you, anonymous man. muah! xoxo


Ooh. Sweetness!

reminds me of something from Americas Next Top Model


"Even when we interact daily with people of other ethnic groups, we rarely talk about racial issues. It seems too scary to people. But we must start doing it!
We have to break down the barriers
between us and talk openly, honestly, and with
respect. The rewards far
outweigh any concerns we may have."
- Sue Alperin

piggies in japan


i must be in a mexican mood :] ole!

oaxaca, mexico.
i'm naming this one


ah, everyone loves selena. i recommend the song "el chico del apartamento 512". he he.

more cool cupcakes! ha!

[wow, i love this. kudos to whoever created these cupcakes]

no matter the color. faces are faces.


flapperdoodle on drew the original. i added the title and change the color scheme. this.

i discovered this photo of an aged mexican woman on google images. i created my version of the photo on
diversity is a big part of who i am. the hispanic culture is beautiful. this woman is beautiful.


["life's a rainbow" LOS CABO, MEXICO]

i still remember that day.

Tomorrow mornin' if you wake upAnd the sun does not appearI...I will be hereIf in the dark we lose sight of loveHold my hand and have no fear'Cause I...I will be hereI will be here...When you feel like bein' quietWhen you need to speak your mindI will listenAnd I will be hereWhen the laughter turns to cryin'Through the winnin' and losin' and tryin'We'll be together'Cause I will be hereTomorrow mornin' if you wake upAnd the future is unclearI...I'll be hereJust as sure as seasons are made for changeOur lifetimes are made for yearsI...I will be hereI will be here....You can cry on my shoulderWhen the mirror tells us we're olderI will hold youAnd I will be hereTo watch you grow in beautyAnd tell you all the things you are to meI will be hereI will be trueTo the promise I have madeTo you and to theOne who gave you to meI...I will be hereAnd just as sure as seasons are made for changeOur lifetimes are made for years'Cause I...I will be here....We'll be together'Cause I will be here

another beautiful photo.

ah. anne geddes is brillant.

there is something about holding a tiny baby in your hands. feeling their tiny fragile fingers wrap around your fingers. the smell of a baby after a bath, all covered in sweet smelling baby magic baby lotion ;] babies are lifes most precious gift. you know that ovewhelming feeling of comfort when a baby falls asleep in your arms? it feels as if for that moment, the moment they close their tiny little eyes and let out the smallest sigh and drft off to sleep, the whole world is silent...nobody makes a sound. ah... babies are beautiful <3>


everytime i think of this i cant help but laugh. this band is "azul azul". oh geez, if you can understand even the smallest amount of spanish, listen to them. in 9th grade, my wonderful wonderful spanish teacher, Senora Basto [loved her!] taught us to dance to one of their songs. i fell in love with their hilarious spanish songs and bought their cd. one of their songs says something along the lines of, oh wow, "cellulitis, liposucion"-- literally CELLULITE, LIPOSUCTION. haha. sometimes hispanic men can be so mean, but so funny. which reminds me-- look up the mexian thong song. hahaha. love it. "oh my goodnessss, she wore her thong TO DA BEECH!" <3

does this pup have weave


ah. darius.

im listening to darius rucker acoustic version of "let her cry". darius is amazing. soothing voice, and really meaningful song. i won a contest online and his LearnToLive CD was my prize ;D The album is great!! Go buy it! Now!!


Slip slidin' awaySlip slidin' away
You know the nearer your destination
The more you're slip slidin' awayI know a manHe came from my home townHe wore his passion for his womanLike a thorny crownHe said DoloresI live in fearMy love for you's so overpoweringI'm afraid that I will disappearSlip slidin' awaySlip slidin' awayYou know the nearer your destinationThe more you're slip slidin' awayI know a womanBecame a wifeThese are the very words she usesTo describe her lifeShe said a good dayAin't got no rain She said a bad day's when I lie in bedAnd think of things that might have beenSlip slidin' awaySlip slidin' awayYou know the nearer your destinationThe more you're slip slidin' away
(look up kiersten holine's version on YOUTUBE.COM--you'll love it. i do!)


oh yes. the cupcakes rock.

too cute xoxox

what! how cute.

muah ha ha i found one

ha! soooo i found this one! it's "high speed bullet photography"-- they literally capture how the objects look while breaking. cool shit. ha! but who shoots crayons? ha ha ha.

i'm gonna find it!

i'm on a quest to find a truly amazing photo online. this is what i'm looking for: amazin color! herei goooo ; > <3>

(: missy higgins shout out.

missy higgins has an amazing voice and truly genuine spirit. i first saw missy at the blue note with joshua radin opening for her. they were
both amazing voices.
i stood in the middle of the room crying when joshua radin sang
a song that i believe is called "just cry" or "cry" or
something of that nature.
i had been through hell and back at that time, husband just left me, you know the story;)
missy higgins is adorable! she has a really thick australian accent
and she loved Columbia--and made a comment
about "the peace nook" and how wonderful it was and how
inviting. she loved the rainbow flag outside the peace nook. aw.
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If you like Pina Coladas..and gettin caught in the rain : >

last night me and jenjen had wonderful pina coladas! she is quite the bartender! love her. ;D