Saturday, June 20, 2009

;] as the weight melts away..

Since November 2008, I have lost 20+ pounds!! yay!! It takes work, and right now I'm at a bit of a plateau, but I plan to do either a 10-week exercise fiasco, or something of that nature. If any body out there has gone through a slow weight loss process, can you relate to this??---> everyone tells me I'm looking great, my clothes are getting baggy, but since the weight loss is so gradual, I find myself feeling like I'm HUGE some days... I know, I know, it's mostly in my head because I'm used to being so heavy, but still. Ugghhh.

Note: I've heard people say "Why didnt anyone tell me I was gaining so much weight! Why didnt anyone stop me??"-- uh, seriously? I would be devastated if someone pointed my weight out to me because they were "concerned". I've had that happen to me before and it ended with an eating disorder, which I'm still scarred from. So, until next time ;) Adios! And wish me good luck on the weight loss journey!

p.s. i really want a makeover..


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  1. :O I can relate to all of the above ^-^
    10 week exersise thingy migigy sounds good :D